Violence - a Global Public Health Problem
"Violence can be prevented and its impact reduced, in the same way that public health efforts have prevented and reduced pregnancy-related complications, workplace injuries, infectious diseases, and illness resulting from contaminated food and water in many parts of the world[...]Despite the fact that violence has always been present, the world does not have to accept it as an inevitable part of the human condition." - World Health Organization

The Psychology Behind Violence and Aggression
"People seek aggression out when they’re feeling bad.  And they use it like a tool to help themselves regulate their mood state."  - David S. Chester, Ph.D. & Director General, Psychology Doctoral Program, Social Psychology and Neuroscience Laboratory, Virginia Commonwealth University


August 2017

"Violence results from a combination of factors, including those originating in the violent person’s social or cultural environment and those representing immediate situational forces." - Kristine M. Jacquin, Dean for Student Development and Doctoral Faculty, Fielding Graduate University.

April 2020

Trauma and its Contribution to Violent Behaviour
 "Most people who experience traumatic events do not commit future acts of violence. Research strongly suggests, however, that for some people traumatic experiences are directly related to future perpetration of violence."- Daniel J. Neller, Psy.D, East Central Hospital, Georgia, and  John Matthew Fabian, Psy.D, JD. 

Winter 2006/07

Global status report on violence prevention 2014
"Violence of all types is strongly associated with social determinants such as weak governance; poor rule of law; cultural, social and gender norms; unemployment; income and gender inequality; rapid social change; and limited educational opportunities. Cross-cutting risk factors such as ease of access to firearms and other weapons and excessive alcohol use are also strongly associated with multiple types of violence." - World Health Organization,  UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UN Development Programme