Domestic Abuse Victim Characteristics, England and Wales 
"An estimated 7.5% of women (1.6 million) and 3.8% of men (786,000) experienced domestic abuse in the last year[...] In 75% of the domestic abuse-related crimes recorded by the police in the year ending March 2019, the victim was female.
The APPG on Domestic Violence 
We know survivors and their children are turned away daily from life-saving refuges in England due to lack of space, forcing them to sleep rough, sofa-surf and even return to the abuser because they
simply have nowhere to turn. Nearly a quarter of the survivors supported by our No Woman Turned Away project in 2017- 18 who approached their local housing team for help were told they weren’t in
‘priority need.’ 
PSNI Domestic Abuse Statistics
There were 17 domestic abuse incidents per 1,000 population and 9 domestic abuse crimes per 1,000 population recorded by the police in 2018/19 [...] During 2018/19, 69 per cent of all domestic abuse crime victims were female and 31 per cent were male, compared with 75 per cent female and 25 per cent male in 2004/05.
The National Domestic Violence Hotline - Statistics 
1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime." AND "Most female victims of intimate partner violence were previously victimized by the same offender, including 77% of females ages 18 to 24, 76% of females ages 25 to 34, and 81% of females ages 35 to 49.
Women's Aid - How common is Domestic Abuse?
On average the police in England and Wales receive over 100 calls relating to domestic abuse every hour. (HMIC, 2015).
According to CSEW data for the year ending March 2018, only 18% of women who had experienced partner abuse in the last 12 months reported the abuse to the police.